Private Replies

New feature

On September 30, 2019 we made improvements to private replies. The old Private Replies only allowed plain text to be sent. With this update businesses can send images, templates and quick replies as part of the message they send in response to a post or comment on their Page.

Private Replies allows Businesses to reply to Post Comments and Visitor Posts made on their Page with a single message on Messenger. When using this feature, the user will get a reference with a link to the post or comment that is getting the reply.

The message is sent just like any regular message using the Send API but referencing either the Page Post of comment that will be replied.

Private replies are allowed within 7 days of the creation date of the Post Comment or Visitor Post. Note that a Post Comment or Visitor Post does not open the 24hr window for standard messaging. For example, when a user replies or reacts on Messenger, then the Send API can be used to continue messaging. For a reference of user actions that open the 24hr window see, Standard Messaging on the Messenger Policy Overview


A page access token with pages_messaging permission is required to interact with this endpoint.

Apps in Development Mode, are restricted to message people that have a role in the app. Additionally Pages in unpublished status will only be allowed to message people with a role on the Page.

Further permissions to get Page Visitors Posts and Post comments

This endpoint does not need any other permission than pages_messaging, yet it does need a reference to either a post id or a comment id. Those references are typically obtained via webhook subscriptions to Page feed field, to get this subscription pages_manage_metadata is needed. See Pages Webhook.

Example Request

curl -X POST -H "Content-Type: application/json" -d '{
    "recipient": {
        "post_id": "542998526103632_461184817813069"
    "message": {
          "text":"Of course, what is your budget for the gift?",
                  "type": "postback",
                  "title": "LESS THAN $20",
                  "payload": "GIFT_BUDGET_20_PAYLOAD"
                  "type": "postback",
                  "title": "$20 TO $50",
                  "payload": "GIFT_BUDGET_20_TO_50_PAYLOAD"
                  "type": "postback",
                  "title": "MORE THAN $50",
                  "payload": "GIFT_BUDGET_50_PAYLOAD"


Private replies allows the Page to reply to the following activity:

  • Comment
  • Post

The app must specify one of the two in order to indicate which activity the Page is replying to.

Activity Type Property Description

Page Post


A visitors post, to reply to.

Page Post Comment


A visitors comment on a Page post to reply to.


The message payload can contain any supported message type, like plain text, templates and quick replies. For a full reference on all supported message payloads see Send API Reference