Mapping API

Starting March 12, 2018, PSIDs that meet the following criteria will no longer be valid:

  • The thread was opened using the Checkbox Plugin before the Feb 20, 2018 breaking change, giving access to the PSID in the API response, and the user has never responded in the thread

To ensure that you do not lose access to these threads, we offer a Mapping API, which will allow you to exchange the invalidated PSID for the original user_ref used to open the thread. This user_ref can be used to message the user.

Please note that all PSIDs affected by this change have been invalidated, and cannot be used to access user data. For example, sending an invalid PSID to the User Profile API will return an error.

Once the user responds to a message sent with the user_ref, a new PSID will be sent to your bot in a webhook event.

Using the Mapping API

To exchange an invalidated PSID for a user_ref, send a GET request to the following:<INVALID_PSID>?fields=user_ref&access_token=<ACCESS_TOKEN>

The user_ref will be returned in the body of the response.

Example Request


Example Response

  "user_ref": "b5a488b0-dd64-4031-9ba2-4fd0ff617d3f",
  "id": "1168735836588749"