Link to Existing Accounts

If you've got an existing user account system, you can connect your bot users to that system using our Account Linking feature. It's ideal for:
  • Fetching information from an account outside of Messenger (e.g., on your website).
  • Quickly benefiting from existing customer data for new bot users.
  • Allowing people to create an account that can be used beyond Messenger.

Usage Guidelines

Use Account Linking when you have a user account system that extends beyond Messenger.

Let people create an account from within Messenger, so it's available elsewhere.

Prompt for login when it's contextually relevant—that is, when your bot user can see the benefit of doing it.

Consider how your bot should behave if a user declines login.

Provide clear confirmation and a friendly welcome after login.

Don't use Account Linking if people will only interact with you via Messenger. You can store account information via thread ID.

Don't require Account Linking right away if you can avoid it; let people get a sense for your bot first.

Recommended Design Flow

  1. Prompt for login with a message that includes our Account Linking button.
  2. Show your login page (including a Create Account option) in the Account Linking webview. Ensure it looks good and works well on mobile screens.
  3. After successful login, display a confirmation message in the webview. Users will need to dismiss it themselves afterward.
  4. Follow up with a friendly thank-you and/or next steps in the thread, including a Log Out option.