Messenger Platform


App Review

When you're ready to release your app to the public, it must go through an approval process. This will walk you through the submission process and also acceptable and unacceptable usage.


1. App Review Section

Go the Messenger tab in the App Dashboard. Find the App Review section and select which permissions for which you want to submit.

2. Edit Notes for Each Submission

After selecting the permissions, you can edit the notes for each submission. Click on Edit Notes for each permission you seek. Be sure to complete each form and any other missing items before clicking Submit for Review.

3. Submit and Wait for Approval

Once you've submitted your app, you can view the App Review section to see the status of your approval.

4. Approval Alerts

When your app is approved, we will send you an Facebook notification. Also, the App Review section will show the status as approved.

5. Pay One Time $99 Customer Matching Fee (Optional)

In order to use the Customer Matching feature, you must pay the fee. You can do this in the Customer Matching Authorization in the Messenger section of the App Dashboard. This is a non-refundable fee.

If you have any issues related to payment, please use this form to contact us.