Messenger Bot Analytics

Once your bot is launched, there are lots of ways to collect valuable insights and analytics on how it is being used and what people on Messenger think about it.


Facebook Analytics

Facebook Analytics is a powerful tool for developers on all of Facebook's platforms to understand their audience and optimize their apps. It now supports Messenger Bots!

Using it, you can view detailed demographic info about your users. You can also log your own custom events. For a complete guide to getting started, see the Facebook Analytics Quickstart Guide for Bots for Messenger.

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Page Insights

You can also view your bot's Facebook page and check the Messages tab under Insights.

This is a good spot to check your spam and block rates. Keep them low by focusing on a good user experience!

Exporting Page Insights Data

You can export analytics data by navigating to App Analytics under Messenger. This is restricted to admins of the app.

Messaging Insights API

With the Messaging Insights API (provided via the Pages Insights API), you can programatically retrieve the same information that appears in the Page Insights tab of your Facebook Page. To retrieve one or more metrics, send a GET request to the /insights endpoint, and include a comma-separated list of metric names to retrieve:

curl -X GET "<LIST_OF_METRICS>&access_token=<PAGE_ACCESS_TOKEN>"

The following Messenger-specific metrics are available. For more information, see the Messaging Insights API Reference.

Metric NameDescription


The number of people your business can send messages to.

This metric shows the number of people who have ever sent a message to your business on Messenger, not including people who have blocked or reported your business on Messenger. There may be some constraints on your ability to send messages to connections, such as limitations on how many messages you can send during certain timeframes. This metric also only includes connections made since October 2016, when data became available.

This metrics replaces the page_messages_open_conversations_unique metric, which was deprecated on May 11, 2018.


The number of messaging conversations on Facebook Messenger that began with people who had never messaged with your business before.


Daily unique active conversations count.


The number of conversations with the Page that have been blocked.


The number of conversations from your Page that have been reported by people for reasons such as spam, or containing inappropriate content.


The number of conversations from your Page that have been reported by people for reasons such as spam, or containing inappropriate content. broken down by report type:

  • SPAM



page_messages_feedback_by_action_unique is deprecated as of November 7, 2017.

This metric will be removed in Graph API v2.12.

Please migrate your code to use our other Messaging Insights metrics, which provide comparable information.

Daily unique conversation counts broken down by user feedback actions, including

  • messaging turn-ons
  • messaging turn-offs
  • thread deletions
  • report spams
  • others

Ratings and Reviews

People can leave a 5-star review and provide freeform feedback on your bot from Manage > Leave Feedback.

App-level View

Ratings and reviews for all Messenger bots an app is associated with will be emailed to the app owner(s) daily. Ratings and reviews are also available in the developer console under Products > Messenger > Bot Ratings.

Page-level View

Reviews and ratings for Messenger bots are also available at a page-level in the 'Messenger Reviews' tab of Page settings. This is a convenient way for Page owners who do not have access to the Facebook app associated with their bot to see their ratings and reviews.

Integrating with Third-party Analytics Services

You may also consider integrating your existing analytics provider into your Messenger Bot.

Most analytics providers allow you to create server side events, these can then be used to measure retention, engagement, errors and other metrics that are important to your experience.