The Messenger Expressions API is being deprecated and will stop functioning on August 1st, 2018. For information on sharing to Facebook Messenger, see Sharing to Messenger.

Messenger - Expressions Apps

When you integrate your app with Messenger, we’ll help you grow your audience and increase engagement.

iOS Developers
Implement sharing to Messenger on iOS.

Android Developers
Implement sharing to Messenger on Android.

App Review
Enable Reply and Install links.

Get Started

1. Choose Your Implementation

Learn more about the different ways you can integrate with Messenger in our Platform Overview.

2. Build for iOS or Android

Download our iOS SDK or utilize our Android SDK and get coding.

3. Launch your app

Once you've finished your implementation, ship your app to the Apple App Store or Google Play.

4. Enable Install and Reply Links

After you've integrated optimized sharing, you'll need to submit for App Review to enable Install and Reply links delivered with the content shared from your app in Messenger.



Basics on how you can build Messenger into your app. Includes best practices on building apps that feature optimized sharing to Messenger.

Messenger App Review

Submit your app for review to enable the Install and Reply buttons when your content is shared via Messenger.

Platform Guidelines and Policy

Your integration with Messenger must follow Facebook Platform Policy including the policies specific to Messenger.

Brand Guidelines

Images, names, and other content must follow our branding guidelines. See Messenger Brand Guidelines and Facebook Brand Guidelines for Facebook Developers.


See apps that have integrated with Messenger Platform.

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