Best Practices

Get the best out of your presence on Marketplace

Currently, Marketplace only supports used, certified pre-owned and pre-registered vehicles. All vehicle mileage must be over 500 miles. Listings with less than 500 miles (or equivalent in km) will be rejected, unless they have a registration plate.

Upload your listings correctly

  • Select one listing partner: Listing inventory through multiple partners will yield suboptimal results. Selecting one provider will enable you to attribute Marketplace to the correct provider and measure performance accordingly.

  • Upload your full inventory of vehicles: To maximize your dealership’s presence on Marketplace, send 100% of your available vehicle inventory across all price points.

  • Make sure to follow our documentation instructions : we do have required fields, additional fields for specific countries and optional fields. Misplacing information in the wrong fields may affect your visibility on Marketplace.

Curate information and description provided

  • Provide all the required information and complete vehicle description: Don’t hide details or wait until a scheduled test drive to share important details.

  • We recommend to keep your description neat and between 100 - 150 words - provide as much information as you have available about each vehicle, including notation of any damages.

  • Provide proper contact information: always include dealership phone number and address.

  • Make sure to have your Facebook page curated. When you sell an item on Marketplace, you create a public listing that can be seen by anyone on and off Facebook. Your Facebook page is like your dealership’ business card.

  • Add as many information as possible, like opening hours on your page.

Schedule Vehicles Feed Fetches

Facebook fetches vehicles feeds from your system on a schedule you define. There are two types of schedule you can define:

  • Update Schedule: The uploads would either create new items or update existing ones with the information provided in the feed file.
  • Replace Schedule: The uploads would result in a complete refresh operation on your feed - we delete vehicles not present in the file, update existing ones, and create new ones.

Provide good images

  • Listings with less than 2 and more than 20 images will be rejected.

  • Provide as many high quality photos as possible. Listings with at least 15-20 photos tend to perform the best.

  • Photos should be at 960x720 resolution or better. Please provide the following images: (1) Front 3/4 angle, (2) Cockpit, (3) Side, back, (4) interior, (5) dents, dings & excessive wear, (6) Engine (7) Wheels.

  • Clearly show any damage or excessive wear.

  • Only include images of the vehicle itself. Do not add any brand or dealership overlays or graphics.

Take communication into high consideration

  • With Messenger, interested buyers can reach out directly to ask questions, get more information about a vehicle and schedule a test drive all in a matter of a few seconds.

  • Be willing and enthusiastic to answer all questions and address all concerns that are raised during a live chat conversation.

  • Respond quickly to messages. Providing the required information as fastest as possible tends to better convert to a store visit and limit user drop-off.

  • Don’t be overly pushy or sales-y. Instead, seek to understand, provide value and leverage yourself as a partner and resource in the buyer’s journey.

  • We highly recommend using a third party chat provider to ensure a high level of engagement.