Marketplace Vehicles

Sell vehicles from dealerships on Marketplace


Listing used cars on Facebook Marketplace is currently a closed beta program.

Dealerships who want to list their used cars on Marketplace can sign up through one of our listing partners.

Integration models

Facebook Marketplace Vehicles has two different integration models. The aspect of the page containing the vehicle details changes accordingly to the model chosen:

Partner Model Dealer Model
Full version of the Vehicle Detail Page Full version of the Vehicle Detail Page
  • it shows the Facebook page, name and logo of the partner in "Listed by" section
  • it shows the name of the partner in "Dealership information" section
  • it shows the Facebook page, name and logo of the dealer in "Dealership information" section
  • leads are received by the partner, which will dispatch them to the dealerships.
  • leads are sent directly to the dealership
  • doesn't require additional permissions from dealerships
  • requires additional permissions to publish on behalf of dealerships. Check managing permissions docs.
  • Typical use case: classifieds portal
  • Typical use case: feed aggregation/syndication

Lead generation

We support two methods of lead capture: Lead form (based on regional availability), and Messenger chat.

Messenger chat Lead form
  • the Facebook page linked to the listing will receive the messages
  • quicker interaction
  • better conversion
  • Marketplace users fill up a form with their information
  • the Facebook page linked to the listing will receive the leads (e.g. via a webhook). More info on leads retrieval docs.

Facebook will not send any emails or notification to individual dealers. Listing partners are responsible to notify dealers.

Messages and leads are routed to the Facebook Page associated with the listings. Either Partner or Dealer Facebook Pages can be set up to receive Marketplace leads depending on the chosen integration model. See fb_page_id field in feed upload for more information.

Quick start

Follow this checklist to ingest your feed into Marketplace:

Create a Product Catalog.
Prepare a feed and populate the catalog.
Receive messages (Integrating Messenger) or leads (Retrieving Leads).

In order to make API requests, you have to request an app review. Dev mode is allowed for some time/number of requests, but when your integration is in production, you should request an app review and switch the app to Live mode. An app in Dev mode could stop working as expected at any moment.

Find more info about app review in our FAQs.

Questions? Issues?

Read our Frequently Asked Questions.