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Sell vehicles from dealerships on Marketplace

Millions of people use Facebook Marketplace to find their next vehicle. As the community continues to grow, more partners and dealerships are choosing Marketplace as an additional way to list inventory, capture and communicate with leads, and drive sales for their businesses.

Facebook Marketplace

Currently, Marketplace only supports used and certified pre-owned Vehicles. All vehicle mileage must be over 500 miles. Listings with less than 500 miles (or equivalent in km) will be rejected, unless they have a registration plate.

Listing used vehicles on Facebook Marketplace is currently a beta program available in Australia, Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, Mexico, United Kingdom, and United States.

To list your used vehicles, you can publish your vehicles catalog on Marketplace.

Learn more about Marketplace Listings on Dealership Pages.

Quick Start

To ingest your feed into Marketplace:

Create a product catalog.
Prepare a feed to populate the catalog.
Receive messages (Integrating Messenger) or leads (Retrieving Leads). See Lead Generation.

Integration Models

Facebook Marketplace vehicles have 2 distinct integration models.

The aspect of the vehicle details page, lead generation, and permissions required change accordingly; see example below.

Partner Model Dealer Model
See full version of the Vehicle detail page. See full version of the Vehicle detail page.
  • The Dealership information section only shows the name of the dealership.

  • The Listed by section shows name, logo and Facebook page of the partner.

  • The Dealership information section shows name, logo, and Facebook page of the dealership.
  • The Listed by section is not available.
  • Leads are sent to the partner, who can dispatch them to the dealership.
  • Leads are sent directly to the dealership.
  • It doesn't require additional permissions granted by dealership
  • Typical use case: classifieds portal
  • Typical use case: feed aggregation/syndication
  • Use the Partner Facebook page as fb_page_id in the feed.
  • Use the Dealership Facebook page as fb_page_id in the feed.

Lead Generation

We support these methods of lead capture: Messenger chat and Lead form

You can choose and set the preferred lead generation method per each listing.

Messenger Chat Lead Form
  • Marketplace users initiate the conversation from the Vehicle details page.
  • The Facebook page linked to the listing receives the messages.
  • Benefit: The quickest interaction, but response time is key.
  • Marketplace users fill up a form with their information (email or phone number required).
  • The Facebook page linked to the listing receives the leads form.
  • Leads can be retrieved via the API.


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