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Listing properties on Facebook Marketplace is currently a closed beta program.

Agencies who want to list their home rentals on Marketplace can sign up through one of our listing partners.


Property managers can list a broad selection of residential housing inventory for rent on Marketplace. People can browse these listings on Marketplace and use filters such as housing type, price range, bedrooms, bathrooms, surface size and pet friendliness to find what they want. When someone finds a listing that they like, they can fill in a short form with their contact information, which the property manager or agent will use to contact them.

Quick start

Follow this checklist to ingest your feed into Marketplace:

Check if your business is already verified or proceed with business verification.
Prepare a feed and create a catalog.
Interested users will sent leads via an API

Testing environment

Before we open your catalog to public, you will be able to do all the tests that you need. Thus, we recommend to not create additional sandbox catalogs, pages and apps, but to use directly the assets that will eventually go live. This will speed up the integration and reduce possible errors.


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