Frequently Asked Questions


You may benefit from using the Marketing API if you match one of these profiles:

  • As an advertising management solutions provider, you sell to advertisers or agencies who manage ads on digital properties, including Facebook. You can review our list of current partners, see Facebook Marketing Partners.
  • As an advertiser, you manage your own ad spend, have significant advertising scale specifically on the Facebook platform and require a custom solution that leverages your own internal data.

Before you get started, please review Components of a Successful Integration, which is a checklist to determine the value of building an app on the API and to help you understand the investment needed to be successful.

For most advertisers, building an in-house ads management tool doesn’t make sense due to resource requirements. We recommend using existing Facebook and/or partner tools that fit your needs instead.

No. Facebook doesn't currently charge for Marketing API calls.

You can perform your testing in Sandbox Mode. This mode provides a testing environment that helps you create an ad account that is enabled for making Marketing API calls, however it doesn't actually deliver ads. For more information, see Sandbox Mode for Developers.

The API has two levels of access: development and standard. You can get started with the development access level by creating a new app (or use an existing app, if you already have one) and obtaining an access token to start making API calls.

Once you have a successful integration with the Marketing API at the development access level, you can apply for standard access through your app's Marketing API Settings page. Learn more about Marketing API access levels.

Access and Authentication

There are two access levels for Marketing API. All new App IDs default to Dev Tier and must go through the access tier, regardless of the access level of apps you previously created.

Use Dev Tier to develop on the API, build and test your application. You should use development access to:

  • Test the API and gauge technical complexity
  • Scope resources to build your app
  • Project return on investment
  • Share prototypes with stakeholders to secure resources

Someone grants your app access to manage their ads. If the ad accounts belong to a business in Business Manager, ask the business admins to check that people using your app can access the ad accounts in your app. Sharing Logins is not supported; instead you should use Business Manager.

Developers with Ads Management Standard Access are not automatically included in the Facebook Marketing Program. After you get Ads management Standard Access, you can be nominated to become a Facebook Marketing Partner, and get a badge and speciality designations for your expertise. You can benefit from credibility, marketing support, training and other benefits, see FMD Program.

Use the bug tool to file issues and the Facebook Marketing Developer community to ask questions.

Additional resources are the Bug Tool and the group Facebook Marketing Developers Q/A