Using the API

General information on the Marketing APIs, access, versioning and more. The main use cases for the Marketing API are ads insights, audience management, and ads management:

Learn the basic structure and usage of the Marketing API.

  • Access and Authentication - Marketing API has three levels of access: development, basic, and standard access levels. Each level of access has certain restrictions, described in this article. Set up your dev environment and obtain an access token.
  • Testing - Learn how to test the Marketing API.
  • Graph API - REST-based foundation for Marketing API, how to make all CRUD operations, error handling, and debugging tips.
  • Object Structure - Campaigns, ad sets, ads and ad creatives.


Learn more about upcoming changes and deprecations using our versioning and migration systems.

  • Versioning Overview - Facebook's Marketing API supports versioning cycles for app development stability. Learn more here.
  • Migrations - Future and past Facebook Platform Migrations. Migrations are used to apply changes across all existing versions.
  • Changelog - This changelog covers what's changed in Facebook's Marketing API. These changes include Facebook's server-side APIs and SDKs.