Using the API

General information about using the Marketing APIs, get access, versioning and more. The main use cases for the Marketing API are ads insights, audience management, and ads management:

Learn the basic structure and usage of the Marketing API.

  • Access and Authentication - Marketing API has three levels of access: development, basic, and standard access levels. Each level of access has certain restrictions, described in this article. Set up your dev environment and obtain an access token.
  • Testing - Learn how to test the Marketing API.
  • Graph API - REST-based foundation for Marketing API, how to make all CRUD operations, error handling, and debugging tips.
  • Object Structure - Campaigns, ad sets, ads and ad creatives.


Learn more about upcoming changes and deprecations using our versioning and migration systems.

  • Versioning Overview - Facebook's Marketing API supports versioning cycles for app development stability. Learn more here.
  • Migrations - Future and past Facebook Platform Migrations. Migrations are used to apply changes across all existing versions.
  • Changelog - This changelog covers what's changed in Facebook's Marketing API. These changes include Facebook's server-side APIs and SDKs.
  • Upgrade Guide - Details about the individual changes in each version and helps you upgrade your apps across versions.