Trip Consideration

This is a prospecting solution that enables you to deliver static ad creative to people with travel intent. You can provide a specific creative to display, and Facebook optimizes ads delivery to people who expressed interest in travel, but have not yet selected a destination.

Support and Limitations

Trip consideration differs from travel ads for prospecting since you don't use it with catalog creative. With trip consideration, specify the creative you want to show in the ad.

We currently support conversions objective.

Valid optimization goals:


You can use this solutions with existing ads targeting. If you already use a Lookalike audiences target audiences interested in travel, you can add this objective and creative to further improve your ad performance.

Learn more about objectives and optimization goals.

Create Ads

Use the same call you do for ads creation, but specify TRIP_CONSIDERATION for the optimization_sub_event parameter:

curl -X POST \
-F "name=<NAME>" \
-F "campaign_id=<CAMPAIGN_ID>" \
-F "optimization_goal=<OPTIMIZATION_GOAL>" \
-F "billing_event=<BILLING_EVENT>" \
-F "targeting=<TARGETING>" \
-F "optimization_sub_event=TRIP_CONSIDERATION" \
-F "access_token=<ACCESS_TOKEN>" \<AD_ACCOUNT>/adsets