Travel Ads Implementation Roadmap

Welcome to the implementation guide for travel advertisers! Use this guide to walk through the technical setup process to tailor your use case with some of Facebook's advanced marketing products.

Getting Started

Choose the option that best describes your business:

  • Hotel Chain - You operate a large, corporate-owned hotel chain with many different properties across the country or world.

  • Large Resort, Amusement Park - You operate a large single property that offers many different types of rooms, activities and services. For example, a resort, casino or amusement park.

  • Boutique, Franchise Hotel - You operate a single, boutique-style hotel, a small local chain with just a handful of properties or a franchise.

  • Flights - You operate an airline or other business that primarily handles flight bookings.

  • OTAs, Multi-line Business - You operate an online travel agency (OTA) or other business that sells a diverse set of travel products such as hotels, flights, car rentals, vacation packages, and so on.