Sample App Review Submission for Marketing API

Let's say you are developing a browser-based app that your clients can use to create and run ads on Facebook. To access your clients' ad accounts, campaigns, and product catalogs through the Marketing API, your app needs to be approved for the Ads Management Standard Access level and the ads_management and manage_pages permissions.

You have already added and configured the Marketing API product to your app in the App Dashboard, and you have implemented Facebook Login so clients can grant your app the ads_management and manage_pages permissions.

After reading the access level and permissions descriptions, as well as our Platform Policy, and confirming that your app uses data in an approved manner, you begin the App Review process so you can take your app Live.

Adding Permissions

You sign into your App Dashboard and click App Review, then click Permissions and Features.

You search for "ads_management" to locate ads_management and Ads Management Standard Access, and request them both. You do the same with manage_pages and continue the request.

Describing Data Usage

Now you describe how your app will use the data to which you are requesting access. You start with the ads_management permission — in the Current Request section, you click the blue arrow icon in the Tell us how you'll use ads_management row.

After you agree to our permission and feature usage guidelines, you provide a general description of what your app does, then explain how the ads_management permission will help the people using your app. You enter the following description in the Tell us how you're using this permission or feature section:

"The app is used by advertising account managers to set up ad campaigns, manage ads, and view reports that show metrics about ads. The ads_management permission allows them to get data about existing Facebook ads and to create ads. Without this permission, the app can't function."

In the Demonstrate how your selected platforms will use this permission or feature section, you switch the Web toggle to On, since your app is a web app.

In the field that appears, you enter instructions that a submission reviewer can follow to verify that your app uses ads_management in the way you have described. You also indicate when this happens in the screencast that you will be uploading a bit later. You enter the following:

"To see how our app uses these permissions:

  1. Go to
  2. Log in with your Facebook account.
  3. In our left nav, click Accounts.
  4. Choose the test_account. (Users can associate other Facebook ad accounts with the app; we have pre-populated it with this test account that we set up just for app review.)
  5. You should see a page that lists the campaigns associated with this account.
  6. Click the test_campaign, then under Ad Set, click Create.
  7. You should see a UI where you can create a new ad set.
  8. Under Ads, click Create. You should see a UI where you can create a new ad, including uploading images or video.
  9. Go back to the left nav and click Reports.
  10. You should see a screen where you can make choices to set up reports.

The accompanying screencast shows ads_management being used whenever the user displays ad information or a new entity is saved: for example, at 00:10, 00:18, 00:32, 1:12, and 1:19.”

In the Upload Screencast section, you click Upload File and upload a short, minute-and-half screencast of a user signing into your app and exploring the user interface in the same way you described in your instructions.

You upload the following screencast, which shows a user following your instructions.

Something Went Wrong
We're having trouble playing this video.

Since you're going to use this screencast for all of your permission and feature request descriptions, you double check that the instructions you provided in the previous step describe where the video shows the ads_management permission pulling data from the API.

You then save your changes and repeat these steps for the manage_pages permission and the Ads Management Standard Access level descriptions. For the access level description, you also include the following description:

“Our app is out of the trial and testing phase, and we are ready to release it. We already have several customers signed up and waiting, so we need access to more resources, such as a higher rate limit.”

Verification Details

Finally, you verify that your app is accessible and ready for review. In the Complete App Verification and Settings section, you click the Provide verification details row.

The App Verification Details form appears. All of the permissions that your app requires can be granted and tested with a standard Facebook account, and your app doesn't require any special credentials to be tested, so you leave all the fields blank, check the confirmation checkbox, and save your changes.


You've supplied everything a reviewer will need to verify that your app uses the permissions and access levels in an approved manner, so you click Submit For Review.