Marketing API Version

Custom Audience Adaccounts

Sharing Audiences

This endpoint allows you to share audiences to other ad accounts.

When a Custom Audience is shared between parties, a partnership relationship must first be established between the Business Managers. This is in the Partners section of Business Settings in Business Manager. The party sharing the audience must also affirm their compliance with our Custom Audience terms of service provided in Business Manager, see Facebook, Custom Audience Terms.

Once established, a sharing relationship enables a business to share audiences with another Business Manager. However, audiences can only be shared in one direction. This means the audience is shared from Business #1 to Business #2. Business #2 will not be able to share audiences back to Business #1 unless a separate sharing relationship from Business #2 to #1 is established.

Starting from July 2, 2018 in order to share a Custom Audience between Business Managers, such businesses should establish an audience sharing relationship as follows. You need Business Manager admin permission to request a relationship to share an audience. If two Business Managers have already established the relationship, then an advertiser can directly share the audience with the other business. For detailed instructions, see Business Assets, Sharing Custom Audiences between Business Managers.