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Ads Action Stats


A single action for a Statistics result. Some fields that are marked default are returned only if you specify a breakdown for them.

Metrics will not be available under the following scenarios:
  • When there is an attempted aggregation across multiple attribution settings
  • When requested with impacted breakdowns like age, gender, etc. (this restriction only applies for off-Facebook & action types).
Note: Metrics will be available if querying with action_attribution_windows=1d_click,7d_click,1d_view (not including the default window). Only conversion type metrics are eligible for setting values for attribution windows past 1 day.


This endpoint doesn't have any parameters.


numeric string

Metric value of attribution window "1 day after clicking the ad"

numeric string

Metric value of attribution window "1 day after viewing the ad"

numeric string

Metric value of attribution window "28 days after clicking the ad"

numeric string

Metric value of attribution window "28 days after viewing the ad"

numeric string

Metric value of attribution window "7 days after clicking the ad"

numeric string

Metric value of attribution window "7 days after viewing the ad"


Name of a component within a Canvas ad


The ID of the specific carousel card that people engaged with when they saw your ad.


The specific carousel card that people engaged with when they saw your ad. The cards are identified by their headlines.


The destination where people go after clicking on your ad. This could be your Facebook Page, an external URL for your conversion pixel or an app configured with the software development kit (SDK).


The device on which the conversion event you're tracking occurred. For example, "Desktop" if someone converted on a desktop computer. Supported values are:
Android Smartphone
Android Tablet


The number of reactions on your ads or boosted posts. The reactions button on an ad allows people to share different reactions on its content: Like, Love, Haha, Wow, Sad or Angry.


The id of destination where people go after clicking on your ad. This could be your Facebook Page, an external URL for your conversion pixel or an app configured with the software development kit (SDK).


The kind of actions taken on your ad, Page, app or event after your ad was served to someone, even if they didn't click on it. Action types include Page likes, app installs, conversions, event responses and more.
Actions prepended by app_custom_event come from mobile app events and actions prepended by offsite_conversion come from the Facebook Pixel.

app_custom_event.fb_mobile_achievement_unlocked: Mobile App Feature Unlocks
app_custom_event.fb_mobile_activate_app: Mobile App Starts
app_custom_event.fb_mobile_add_payment_info: Mobile App Payment Details
app_custom_event.fb_mobile_add_to_cart: Mobile App Adds To Cart
app_custom_event.fb_mobile_add_to_wishlist: Mobile App Adds to Wishlist
app_custom_event.fb_mobile_complete_registration: Mobile App Registrations
app_custom_event.fb_mobile_content_view: Mobile App Content Views
app_custom_event.fb_mobile_initiated_checkout: Mobile App Checkouts
app_custom_event.fb_mobile_level_achieved: Mobile App Achievements
app_custom_event.fb_mobile_purchase: Mobile App Purchases
app_custom_event.fb_mobile_rate: Mobile App Ratings
app_custom_event.fb_mobile_search: Mobile App Searchs
app_custom_event.fb_mobile_spent_credits: Mobile App Credit Spends
app_custom_event.fb_mobile_tutorial_completion: Mobile App Tutorial Completions
app_custom_event.other: Other Mobile App Actions
app_install: App Installs
app_use: App Uses
checkin: Check-ins
comment: Post Comments
credit_spent: Credit Spends
games.plays: Game Plays
landing_page_view: Landing Page Views
like: Page Likes
link_click: Link Clicks
mobile_app_install: Mobile App Installs
offsite_conversion.custom.<custom_conv_id>: Custom Conversions defined by the advertiser
offsite_conversion.fb_pixel_add_payment_info: Adds Payment Info
offsite_conversion.fb_pixel_add_to_cart: Adds To Cart
offsite_conversion.fb_pixel_add_to_wishlist: Adds To Wishlist
offsite_conversion.fb_pixel_complete_registration: Completed Registration
offsite_conversion.fb_pixel_custom: Custom pixel events defined by the advertiser
offsite_conversion.fb_pixel_initiate_checkout: Initiates Checkout
offsite_conversion.fb_pixel_lead: Leads
offsite_conversion.fb_pixel_purchase: Purchases
offsite_conversion.fb_pixel_search: Searchs
offsite_conversion.fb_pixel_view_content: Views Content
onsite_conversion.flow_complete: On-Facebook Workflow Completions
onsite_conversion.messaging_block: Blocked Messaging Conversations
onsite_conversion.messaging_conversation_started_7d: Messaging Conversations Started
onsite_conversion.messaging_first_reply: New Messaging Conversations
onsite_conversion.post_save: Post Saves
onsite_conversion.purchase: On-Facebook Purchases
outbound_click: Outbound Clicks
photo_view: Page Photo Views
post: Post Shares
post_reaction: Post Reactions
rsvp: Event Responses
video_view: 3-Second Video Views
contact_total: Contacts
contact_website: Website Contacts
contact_mobile_app: Mobile App Contacts
contact_offline: Offline Contacts
customize_product_total: Products Customized
customize_product_website: Website Products Customized
customize_product_mobile_app: Mobile App Products Customized
customize_product_offline: Offline Products Customized
donate_total: Donations
donate_website: Website Donations
donate_on_facebook: On Facebook Donations
donate_mobile_app: Mobile App Donations
donate_offline: Offline Donations
find_location_total: Location Searches
find_location_website: Website Location Searches
find_location_mobile_app: Mobile App Location Searches
find_location_offline: Offline App Location Searches
schedule_total: Appointments Scheduled
schedule_website: Website Appointments Scheduled
schedule_mobile_app: Mobile App Appointments Scheduled
schedule_offline: Offline App Appointments Scheduled
start_trial_total: Trials Started
start_trial_website: Website Trials Started
start_trial_mobile_app: Mobile App Trials Started
start_trial_offline: Offline Trials Started
submit_application_total: Applications Submitted
submit_application_website: Website Applications Submitted
submit_application_mobile_app: Mobile App Applications Submitted
submit_application_offline: Offline Applications Submitted
submit_application_on_facebook: On Facebook Applications Submitted
subscribe_total: Subscriptions
subscribe_website: Website Subscriptions
subscribe_mobile_app: Mobile App Subscriptions
subscribe_offline: Offline Subscriptions
recurring_subscription_payment_total: Recurring Subscription Payments
recurring_subscription_payment_website: Website Recurring Subscription Payments
recurring_subscription_payment_mobile_app: Mobile App Recurring Subscription Payments
recurring_subscription_payment_offline: Offline Recurring Subscription Payments
cancel_subscription_total: Canceled Subscriptions
cancel_subscription_website: Website Canceled Subscriptions
cancel_subscription_mobile_app: Mobile App Canceled Subscriptions
cancel_subscription_offline: Offline Canceled Subscriptions
ad_click_mobile_app: In-App Ad Clicks
ad_impression_mobile_app: In-App Ad Impressions
click_to_call_call_confirm: Call Confirmation Clicks

Grouped Action Types:
page_engagement: Page Engagement
post_engagement: Post Engagement
onsite_conversion.lead_grouped: All On-Facebook Leads
lead: All offsite leads plus all On-Facebook leads
leadgen_grouped: On-Facebook leads coming from Messenger and Instant Forms
omni_app_install: App Installs
omni_purchase: Purchases
omni_add_to_cart: Adds to Cart
omni_complete_registration: Registrations Completed
omni_view_content: Content Views
omni_search: Searches
omni_initiated_checkout: Checkouts Initiated
omni_achievement_unlocked: Achievements Unlocked
omni_activate_app: App Activations
omni_level_achieved: Levels Achieved
omni_rate: Ratings Submitted
omni_spend_credits: Credit Spends
omni_tutorial_completion: Tutorials Completed
omni_custom: Custom Events


The sound status (on/off) when someone plays your video ad.


Video metrics breakdown.

numeric string

Metric value of attribution window which is powered by data driven model

numeric string

Metric value of attribution window that can occurs on the ad itself

numeric string

Metric value of default attribution window


You can't perform this operation on this endpoint.


You can't perform this operation on this endpoint.


You can't perform this operation on this endpoint.