Marketing API Version

Ad Study

Test your ads and choose the strategy that is driving the most conversions. For example, create a split test to find out which ad set performs the best:

curl \
-F 'name="new study"' \
-F 'description="test creative"' \
-F 'start_time=1435622400' \
-F 'end_time=1436918400' \
-F 'type=SPLIT_TEST' \
-F 'cells=[{name:"Group A",treatment_percentage:50,adsets:[<AD_SET_ID>]},{name:"Group B",treatment_percentage:50,adsets:[<AD_SET_ID>]}]' \
-F 'access_token=<ACCESS_TOKEN>' \<API_VERSION>/<BUSINESS_ID>/ad_studies

Use ad study for three types of experiments:

Study TypeUse Case

Split Testing

Inform near-term optimization decisions. Example: Is Creative A doing better than Creative B?

Conversion Lift

Measure incremental impact of Facebook ads on business outcomes

Multi-Cell Conversion Lift

Measure and incremental impact of different Facebook ads strategies on business outcomes

See Lift Study for setting up Conversion Lift and Multi-Cell Conversion Lift.