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Ad Set, Promoted Object

The object an ad set promotes, such as a Page or app. The campaign's objective and the ad set's promoted_object provide intent for your ads. When you create ad sets for campaigns with the certain objectives, promoted_object is required. See Ad Set, Creating.

You must have permissions for objects you promote, including page_id, application_id, pixel_id. If your access token does not allow access, you cannot promote them.


  • When you specify application_id and object_store_url:
    • object_store_url MUST be associated with that app. You can configure this under your app settings.
    • Mobile device targeting for the ad set must match supported platforms for your specified app.
    • Ad creative must link to the specified object_store_url.
    • You cannot specify object_store_url without application_id. This option is only available in Ads Manager.
  • If you use page_id, the creative must promote that page_id.
  • If you use pixel_id your must provide custom_event_type.


If you use promoted_object:

  • promoted_object is immutable in most cases. It is set on creation and cannot be changed. To promote a different object, create a new ad set. The exceptions are:
    • provide application_id or product_catalog_id if not already given
    • change pixel_id, pixel_rule or custom_event_type to a new value
  • You cannot set promoted_object for existing ad sets. You must create a new ad set except for the exceptions above.
  • If promoted_object is specified, Facebook ** automaticallly infers conversion_specs** for your specified objectives. You cannot manually configure conversion_specs; we ignore any value you pass.
  • You can update all ad fields for existing ads in a legacy ad set without a promoted_object set.