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Promoted Object

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Promoted Object describes the object an ad set is promoting, such as the Page in a Page Like campaign. It is a generalized way of specifying a broad range of objects which are related to advertising objectives.

Taken together, the campaign's objective and the ad set's promoted_object should be enough to answer the question: "What is this ad set/campaign all about?". For example, "This campaign is meant to get more page likes for my Page X", or "This ad set is driving mobile app installs for my app Y".

When you create ad sets inside of campaigns using the certain objectives, a promoted_object field will be required. More details can be found at Ad Set: Creating.

Promoted Object Validation

  • When you specify an application_id and an object_store_url:
  • The object_store_url MUST be associated with that application. You can configure this on under your application settings.
  • The mobile OS/device targeting on the ad set must match the supported platforms of the specified app.
  • The creative must link to the specified object_store_url.
  • You cannot specify an object_store_url on its own without an application_id, this is something only available via our native interfaces.
  • When specifying a page_id, the creative must be promoting that same page_id
  • You must have permissions for all of the page_id, application_id, pixel_id. If these objects are not accessible when using your access token, you may not promote them.
  • When specifying a pixel_id to Facebook pixel, the custom_event_type you want to optimize for must be provided.

Promoted Object Restrictions

If you use promoted_object, be aware of the following: * The promoted_object is immutable for most cases. For most cases, it's set on creation and can't be changed. To promote a different object, you need to create a new ad set. The only exceptions are: 1) giving the application_id or product_catalog_id a value if it was not set before and 2) changing the pixel_id, pixel_rule or custom_event_type to a new value.

  • Existing ad sets without a promoted_object will not be allowed to set a promoted_object. You must create a new ad set except for the exceptions above.
  • When there is a promoted_object specified, the conversion_specs will be inferred automatically for the specified objectives. You may not manually configure the conversion_specs. Any value you pass in is ignored.
  • Existing ads within a legacy ad set without a promoted_object set can update all ad fields.