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Ad Set

An ad set is a group of ads that share the same daily or lifetime budget, schedule, bid type, bid info, and targeting data. Ad sets enable you to group ads according to your criteria, and you can retrieve the ad-related statistics that apply to a set. See Optimized CPM and Promoted Object.

For example, create an ad set with a daily budget:

use FacebookAds\Object\AdSet;
use FacebookAds\Object\Fields\AdSetFields;
use FacebookAds\Object\Fields\TargetingFields;
use FacebookAds\Object\Values\AdSetBillingEventValues;
use FacebookAds\Object\Targeting;
use FacebookAds\Object\Values\AdSetOptimizationGoalValues;

$adset = new AdSet(null, 'act_<AD_ACCOUNT_ID>');
  AdSetFields::NAME => 'My Ad Set',
  AdSetFields::OPTIMIZATION_GOAL => AdSetOptimizationGoalValues::REACH,
  AdSetFields::BILLING_EVENT => AdSetBillingEventValues::IMPRESSIONS,
  AdSetFields::BID_AMOUNT => 2,
  AdSetFields::DAILY_BUDGET => 1000,
  AdSetFields::TARGETING => (new Targeting())->setData(array(
    TargetingFields::GEO_LOCATIONS => array(
      'countries' => array('US'),
from facebookads.adobjects.adset import AdSet
from facebookads.adobjects.targeting import Targeting

adset = AdSet(parent_id='act_<AD_ACCOUNT_ID>')
adset.update({ 'My Ad Set',
    AdSet.Field.campaign_id: <CAMPAIGN_ID>,
    AdSet.Field.daily_budget: 1000,
    AdSet.Field.billing_event: AdSet.BillingEvent.impressions,
    AdSet.Field.optimization_goal: AdSet.OptimizationGoal.reach,
    AdSet.Field.bid_amount: 2,
    AdSet.Field.targeting: {
        Targeting.Field.geo_locations: {
            'countries': ['US'],

    'status': AdSet.Status.paused,
AdSet adSet = new AdAccount(act_<AD_ACCOUNT_ID>, context).createAdSet()
  .setName("My Ad Set")
    new Targeting()
        new TargetingGeoLocation()
String ad_set_id = adSet.getId();
curl \
  -F 'name=My Ad Set' \
  -F 'optimization_goal=REACH' \
  -F 'billing_event=IMPRESSIONS' \
  -F 'bid_amount=2' \
  -F 'daily_budget=1000' \
  -F 'campaign_id=<CAMPAIGN_ID>' \
  -F 'targeting={"geo_locations":{"countries":["US"]}}' \
  -F 'status=PAUSED' \
  -F 'access_token=<ACCESS_TOKEN>' \<AD_ACCOUNT_ID>/adsets

Create an ad set with a lifetime budget

curl \
  -F 'name=LifetimeBudgetSet' \
  -F 'lifetime_budget=100000' \
  -F 'optimization_goal=POST_ENGAGEMENT' \
  -F 'billing_event=IMPRESSIONS' \
  -F 'bid_amount=1500' \
  -F 'targeting={"geo_locations":{"countries":["US"]}}' \
  -F 'campaign_id=<CAMPAIGN_ID>' \
  -F 'end_time=2017-09-21T15:41:30+0000' \
  -F 'status=PAUSED' \
  -F 'access_token=<ACCESS_TOKEN>' \<AD_ACCOUNT_ID>/adsets


The following are the limits on ad sets


Maximum number of ad sets per regular ad account

5000 non-deleted ad sets

Maximum number of ad sets per bulk ad account

10000 non-deleted ad sets

Maximum number of ads per ad set

50 non-archived ads