Catalog Setup for Instagram Shopping with Multiple Languages and Countries

This product is currently only available to selected alpha testers.

By adding localization information to your catalog, you can serve localized product information to the users based on their country or language; for example:

  • From a single Instagram post — Show French/Euros to people in France and English/USD to people in the U.S.
  • Only show Instagram shopping tags in countries for which your catalog has pricing information

This guide describes the following:

Set Up Your Catalog

Read through the documentation in Set Up a Catalog for Multiple Languages and Countries to learn about:

  • Adding data feeds for your default language and country
  • Adding data feeds with localized product information for additional languages and countries
  • Previewing localized product information in Catalog Manager
  • Which languages and countries are supported

We recommend localizing the following product information in each feed:

  • Language Feed: title, description
  • Country Feed: price, web link

At this time, you can only localize a given product information by country OR language. This means, for example, that you won't be able to input two different versions of English for the UK and the U.S.

You may also find useful our example of a language feed and country feed. This example includes a tab for the language feed, and another for the country feed.

Start Creating Instagram Shopping Posts

  • Work with your Instagram contact to confirm you have read our policy and accepted the Terms of Service (the standard beta agreement).
  • Select a product catalog to use for your Instagram shopping posts, by following the instructions in Enable Business Settings for Shopping in the Instagram App
  • Add products to your Instagram posts or stories, and share!
  • When you add products on Instagram, you can see the product information in your own country or language. Once the post is shared with your audience, they can view product information in their own country or language as you specified in your catalog setup. Language is determined by their phone or app language settings and their country is based on location.
  • You can preview localized product information in Catalog Manager; see Set Up a Catalog for Multiple Languages and Countries.
  • You can locate your catalog by name and switch catalogs, if needed. In the Instagram app, tap Settings > Shopping.

Who will see my Instagram Shopping tags?

If you have uploaded a country feed to your catalog OR set your catalog’s default country, via the Settings page in Catalog Manager, then your tags will only be shown to people in the countries for which you have prices in your catalog.

For example, if you:

  1. Choose U.S. as the default country for your catalog
  2. Upload localized product information that has prices for the UK


  • People in the U.S. will see your tags with U.S. prices.
  • People in the UK will see your tags with UK prices.
  • People in other countries will not see your tags.

If you have not set your catalog’s default country, or uploaded a country feed to your catalog, your product tags will be visible globally.