Catalog Setup for Instagram Shopping with Multiple Languages and Countries

This product is currently only available to selected Alpha testers.

Why Instagram Shopping for Multiple Languages and Countries?

Currently, when tagging products on Instagram shopping posts, the same product information will be shown in a single post to your global Instagram audience, regardless of where they are or the language they speak. This, for example, means that the same price is shown to your audience everywhere and people in France may see German on shopping tags.

We understand this has been challenging for some clients, so we are testing a new catalog set-up that will allow businesses to serve localized product information to the users based on their location/ country or language. For example, from a single Instagram post, being able to show French / Euros to people in France and English / USD to people in the US.

Get Started with your Catalog Set-Up

IMPORTANT document to review: our feeds example can be found here - including a tab for the language feed, another for the country feed and the last one containing the locales supported.

Just follow these steps to get started:

Accept the Terms of Service (standard beta agreement)
Please work with your Instagram contact to confirm you have read our policy and signed the agreement.
Create a catalog with country and language feeds
Create a NEW catalog (with an easy name to recognize) and set up your country / language feed as you would for Dynamic Ads. For a refresher, information can be found in the Resource section below.
Check that the products you want to post on Instagram are correctly uploaded to your Facebook catalog
To check that language and country information for products have been uploaded correctly, go to the Products section in Catalog Manager and tap on the product you'd like to check. In the overlay, select from the pre-populated drop-down with country or language you want to check
Go to your Instagram app and select the catalog you have just created for multiple languages and countries.

You can locate the catalog by name and switch catalogs if needed by tapping Shopping in Settings.

Add products to your Instagram posts or stories, and share!
Once the shopping post is shared with your audience, the right currency, language, etc. will be dynamically served to your audience based on their language settings and location. See “How will my Instagram Shopping post be displayed?” section below for more information.

IMPORTANT: Make sure your catalog is set up correctly

  1. We recommend you localize the following product information in each feed:

    • Language Feed: title, description
    • Country Feed: price, web link
  2. At this time, you can only localize a given product information by country OR language. This means, for example, that you won't be able to input two different versions of English for UK and the US.

  3. Please make sure you have fully reviewed the documentation on how to set up the catalog for multiple country and languages, as well as the language and country feed examples.

Languages allowed: locales supported can be found on the third tab of the documentation mentioned above. Please note that a couple end with _XX: en_XX, es_XX, fr_XX, nl_XX,no_XX, pt_XX, tl_XX. Make sure you respect the case of the strings too (XX is uppercase)

Countries allowed: we are supporting 2 letters ISO codes for countries, but please not that you will need to use GB and NOT UK in your feed.

How Instagram Shopping posts are displayed to your global audience

Once you have set up your catalog for multiple languages and countries, please make sure that catalog is selected on Instagram. You can switch catalogs by tapping Shopping in Settings if needed. To create a shopping post, you can add products to your Instagram post or stories similar to how you tagging people on Instagram.

When you add products on Instagram, you will see the product information in your own country or language. Once the post is shared with your audience, they will view products information in their own country or language as your have specified in your catalog set up. Language is determined by their phone or app language settings and their country based on location.

To make sure the product information by country or language has been uploaded correctly, please visit the Products section in Catalog manager and tap on the product you'd like to check. In the overlay, select from the pre-populated drop-down with country or language you want to check. localized information in your English / US and Japan / Japanese feeds.