Insights Breakdowns

Group the Insights results into different sets.

The following fields cannot be requested when specifying a breakdown: app_store_clicks, newsfeed_avg_position, newsfeed_clicks, relevance_score and newsfeed_impressions.

The Insights API can return several metrics which are estimated or in-development. In some cases a metric may be both estimated and in-development. Insights breakdown values are estimated. For more information, see Insights API, Estimated and Deprecated Metrics.


The following breakdowns are available.

  • ad_format_asset
  • age
  • body_asset
  • call_to_action_asset
  • country
  • description_asset
  • gender
  • image_asset
  • impression_device
  • link_url_asset
  • product_id
  • region
  • title_asset
  • video_asset
  • dma
  • frequency_value
  • hourly_stats_aggregated_by_advertiser_time_zone
  • hourly_stats_aggregated_by_audience_time_zone
  • place_page_id
  • publisher_platform
  • platform_position
  • device_platform


  • frequency_value is used with reach only. For example, how frequently a unique user saw an ad.
  • By design, image_asset and video_asset breakdowns are not available at the ad account level for assets used in Dynamic Creative.
  • Ad actions video_p25_watched_actions, video_p50_watched_actions, video_p75_watched_actions, video_p95_watched_actions, and video_p100_watched_actions do not support region breakdown.

The following call groups the results by age and gender.

curl -G \
-d "breakdowns=age,gender" \
-d "fields=impressions" \
-d "access_token=<ACCESS_TOKEN>" \

Hourly Breakdowns

Hourly stats are now an available breakdown using the following breakdowns:

  • hourly_stats_aggregated_by_advertiser_time_zone
  • hourly_stats_aggregated_by_audience_time_zone

See Combining Breakdowns for limits on number of breakdowns you may request with the hourly breakdown. Hourly breakdowns do not support unique fields, which are any fields prepended with unique_*, reach or frequency. reach and frequency fields will return 0 when hourly breakdowns are in use.

curl -G \
-d "fields=impressions" \
-d "breakdowns=hourly_stats_aggregated_by_audience_time_zone" \
-d "access_token=<ACCESS_TOKEN>" \

Action Breakdown

Group results in the actions field. You can use the following breakdowns for action_breakdowns:

The following are the possible breakdowns that can be supplied into the action_breakdowns field.

  • action_device
  • action_canvas_component_name
  • action_carousel_card_id
  • action_carousel_card_name
  • action_destination
  • action_reaction
  • action_target_id
  • action_type
  • action_video_sound
  • action_video_type

Total Count in actions

Sum up all values returned in actions. Note this result may not equal total_actions since fields returned in actions are hierarchical includes detailed actions not counted.

total_actions - 33
    page_engagement - 10
        post_engagement - 10
            link_click - 2
            comment - 3
            post_reaction - 3
            like - 2
    mobile_app_install - 12
    app_custom_event - 11
        app_custom_event.fb_mobile_activate_app - 6
        app_custom_event.other - 5

In this example, post_engagement is a sum of link_click, comment, like, and post_reaction where post_reaction is the count of all Reactions, including likes. total_actions is a sum of top-level actions for an object such as page_engagement, mobile_app_install, and app_custom_event.

Combining Breakdowns

Due to storage constraints, only some permutations of breakdowns are available. Permutations marked with an asterisk (*) can be joined with action_type, action_target_id and action_destination which is the name for action_target_id.

video_* fields cannot be requested with any hourly stats breakdowns.


action_converted_product_id - Under limited availability for Collaborative Ads.

action_type *

action_type, action_converted_product_id - Under limited availability for Collaborative Ads.

action_target_id *

action_device *

action_device, impression_device *

action_device, publisher_platform *

action_device, publisher_platform, impression_device *

action_device, publisher_platform, platform_position *

action_device, publisher_platform, platform_position, impression_device *


action_type, action_reaction

age *

gender *

age, gender *

country *

region *

publisher_platform *

publisher_platform, impression_device *

publisher_platform, platform_position *

publisher_platform, platform_position, impression_device *

product_id *

hourly_stats_aggregated_by_advertiser_time_zone *

hourly_stats_aggregated_by_audience_time_zone *

action_carousel_card_id / action_carousel_card_name

action_carousel_card_id / action_carousel_card_name

action_carousel_card_id / action_carousel_card_name, impression_device

action_carousel_card_id / action_carousel_card_name, country

action_carousel_card_id / action_carousel_card_name, age

action_carousel_card_id / action_carousel_card_name, gender

action_carousel_card_id / action_carousel_card_name, age, gender