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Payments under Line of Credit

This implementation requires you to set up a line of credit with Facebook. Please contact your Facebook rep to initiate this process.

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Payments under this model will be paid by the you. Because you own all ad accounts, the payment method for these ad accounts should be under your line of credit.

This means the advertiser does not necessarily need to have access to the ad account, though you may grant analyst permissions to the user to maintain transparency.

Creating an ad account

Ad accounts will exist in your Business Manager. You can create your business manager at

To create an ad account, the partner should make a POST request to the adaccounts edge on your business node. With a line of credit established, pass the invoice=true flag to attach it to your line of credit.

curl \
-F "name=MyAdAccount" \
-F "currency=USD" \
-F "timezone_id=1" \
-F "end_advertiser=<END_ADVERTISER_ID>" \
-F "media_agency=<MEDIA_AGENCY_ID>" \
-F "partner=NONE" \
-F "invoice=true" \
-F "access_token=<ACCESS_TOKEN>" \

Adding User as Analyst

You may optionally add the user as an analyst to the ad account using the following API call. While this is not required, it's helpful in maintaining transparency. The user does not need to be an employee in your business and should not have a higher permission (otherwise, they would be able to run ads against your line of credit).

curl \
-F "uid=<USER_ID>" \
-F "role=1003" \
"<API_VERSION>/act_<ACCOUNT ID>/users"