Build a Launch Screen

The Facebook Business Extension, v1 is currently only available to whitelisted Partners. Please contact your Facebook representative for access.

Aside from product export and pixel installation, your plugin needs a launch screen with a basic UI. We recommend building a UI as similar to the one shown below as possible.

Step 1: Create a button to launch the popup

The UI must have a button to open the Facebook Onboarding Flow popup.

The popup should be launched with The URL of the popup differs based on whether the user is a first-time user or not:

For first-time users:‘<domainofstore>’)

For return users, where the merchant_settings_id should be the ID your plugin received from the set merchant settings message:‘<domainofstore>&merchant_setting_id=<merchant_settings_id>’);

For examples of how to open the popup, see example - fae.js and example - facebook-settings.js.

Step 2: Create functionality for message passing

The UI must be able to listen and send messages with JavaScript.

For this step, please see Message Passing for details on how to create functionality for listening and sending messages from the popup. See example - fae.js.