API Approach

The Facebook Business Extension, v1 is currently only available to allowlisted Partners. Please contact your Facebook representative for access.

The API approach is a push model design where your plugin makes direct API calls to Facebook.

Currently, this approach is in the process of redesign and is not an integration option for new partners onboarding to FBE. We don't recommend this method for integration at this time. Any net new FBE integrations must use the Feed Approach (Pull).


The implementation of uploading products via API must satisfy these requirements:

  • Your plugin must store the page id, page token, and product catalog id in a secure manner when the Facebook Onboarding Flow popup sends these IDs. See Message Passing.
  • Your plugin should store the API page token securely. This token is used to make API calls to Facebook.
  • Your plugin must include a mechanism to upload all products to Facebook by API, and logic to start this mechanism at the appropriate time. The Product APIs and Batch APIs are both valid options for uploading products.
  • Depending on the number of products you expect to upload and the frequency, you may need to consider batching API requests or using the Batch API.
  • On product update / change / deletion, you need to either make API calls to Facebook or schedule such calls to be made. Find hooks into these events and either do the API call to Facebook there, or schedule an API call using some mechanism.

Once these requirements are in place, your plugin should leave the feedURL field blank in the initial message to the Facebook Onboarding Flow popup. The popup detects that you're using the API approach and proceed accordingly.

Contact your Facebook representative to use the Facebook Page Shops APIs; you must be allowlisted by Facebook to use them.