Get Started

The Facebook Business Extension, v1 is currently only available to whitelisted Partners. Please contact your Facebook representative for access.

Before You Start

  • Before beginning implementation, contact your Facebook representative. You must be whitelisted to use this framework.

  • Make sure you have met all requirements.

  • As part of the implementation process, use your Facebook-assigned platform name when integrating with our framework. If you don't have one, ask your Facebook representative.

  • Read through the suggested Best Practices.


Watch this video

It demonstrates the user experience of using the Facebook Business Extension plugin to open the Facebook Onboarding Flow popup.

Next Steps

To integrate with the Facebook Business Extension, you must integrate with the Facebook Onboarding Flow popup as follows:

  1. Install the pixel.
  2. Export your products.
  3. Build the launch screen.
  4. Support communication via Message Passing.

Use the guides to help build your framework.