Dynamic Creative

Dynamic Creative Optimization

Automatically deliver different variations of an ad's creative. This helps you find the best ad creative combination per impression by taking your ad's images, titles, descriptions, and other assets, then learning from outcomes of how these combinations perform across audiences.

Build and display the best creatives for groups of people in your broader target audience. This improves your ability to efficiently explore numerous creative combinations and audiences. Dynamic Creative can improve ads ROI by:

  • Automating workflow used to test creative
  • Choosing the effective combination of creative assets through learning across audiences

High-Level Steps

Placement Asset Customization

Placement Asset Customization allows you to customize the image or video creative you want to appear per each placement, allowing you to use several different placements in one ad while retaining control over the creative.

High-Level Steps

Segment Asset Customization

Beyond customization based on ad placements, you can also customize assets based on other targeting types in a single ad.

High-Level Steps