Custom Data Parameters

Use these parameters to send additional data we can use for ads delivery optimization:

Custom Properties

If our predefined object properties don't suit your needs, you can include your own, custom properties. Custom properties can be used with both standard and custom events, and can help you further define custom audiences.

This behavior is the same for Conversions API and Facebook Pixel. See Facebook Pixel Custom Properties.


type: Float

A numeric value associated with this event. This could be a monetary value or a value in some other metric. Example: 142.54.


type: String| Required for Purchase events

The currency for the value specified, if applicable. Currency must be a valid ISO 4217 three digit currency code. Example: 'USD'.


type: String

The name of the page or product associated with the event. Example: 'lettuce'.


type: String

The category of the content associated with the event. Example: 'grocery'.


type: Array(String)

The content IDs associated with the event, such as product SKUs for items in an AddToCart event: ['ABC123', 'XYZ789']. If content_type is a product, then your content IDs must be an array with a single string value. Otherwise, this array can contain any number of string values.


type: Array(Object)

A list of JSON objects that contain the product IDs associated with the event plus information about the products. id, quantity, and item_price are available fields. Example: [{'id':'ABC123','quantity' :2,'item_price':5.99}, {'id':'XYZ789','quantity':2, 'item_price':9.99, 'delivery_category': 'in_store'}]


type: String

It should be set to product or product_group:

  • Use product, if the keys you send represent products. Sent keys could be content_ids or contents.
  • Use product_group, if the keys you send in content_ids represent product groups. Product groups are used to distinguish products that are identical but have variations such as color, material, size or pattern.


type: String

The order ID for this transaction as a String. Example: 'order1234'.


type: Float

The predicted lifetime value of a conversion event. Example: 432.12.


type: String

Use only with InitiateCheckout events. The number of items that a user tries to buy during checkout. Example: '4'.


type: String

Use only with Search events. A search query made by a user. Example: 'lettuce'.


type: String

Use only with CompleteRegistration events. The status of the registration event, as a String. Example: 'registered'.


type: String | Optional for Purchase events

Type of delivery for a purchase event. Supported values are:

  • in_store: Customer needs to enter the store to get the purchased product.
  • curbside: Customer picks up their order by driving to a store and waiting inside their vehicle.
  • home_delivery: Purchase is delivered to the customer's home.