Localized Catalog for Instagram Shopping


Use this guide to set up your localized catalog for Instagram Shopping with multiple languages and countries.

A Facebook product catalog is an object (or container) of information about your products and where you can upload your inventory.

See also Localized Catalog Setup and Localized Catalog for Dynamic Ads.

How it Works

Facebook provides localized catalog functionality, enabling you to set up your product catalog to sell ads or do Instagram shopping in different countries. Localizing the currency, price, translated name, and description are common cases. You can also use this to navigate the customer to your country-specific website location.

By adding localization information to your catalog, you can serve localized product information to the users based on their country or language; for example:

  • From a single Instagram post — Show English/USD to people in the U.S. and Italian/Euros to people in Italy. See example below.
  • Only show Instagram shopping tags in countries for which your catalog has pricing information.

Best Practices

  • Make sure that product images satisfy catalog requirements.
  • Make sure that product titles satisfy catalog requirements.
  • Make sure that product descriptions satisfy catalog requirements.