Product Categories

Two different catalog fields describe the type or category of products in your listing:

  • product_type
  • google_product_category

For details, see Reference.

Tax Calculations

For the most part, we calculate tax on your behalf. Tax rates depend on individual state laws and may vary state by state; they also depend on the category of each product in your catalog listing. Destination-based tax rates are calculated using your state tax registration information (provided during setup) and the google_product_category for the product.

You must provide at minimum a level 2 sub-category; for example, Apparel & Accessories > Clothing > Dresses.

You must reviewe and determine the correct product category for your product listings. Use our tax tool in Commerce Manager to verify our tax calculation logic.

Purchase Protection

If an item meets Facebook's eligibility requirements for Purchase Protection, buyers will see a “Covered by purchase protection” indication in the Product Detail page for the item. We use the google_product_category field to determine the product's eligibility for Purchase Protection.

Read our Purchase Protection policy to learn more about the requirements and eligible product categories.