Catalog Setup

To set up dynamic ads, you need a Facebook catalog. A catalog is a container of information about your products and where you can upload your inventory. You can use your catalog in different ways within the Facebook family of apps. In your inventory, each individual product is described using a set of fields, that is utilized differently, depending on how you consume your catalog.

You can create one catalog for different use cases or you can create multiple catalogs, including catalogs for different languages and countries. Use Catalog Manager to create and manage your catalogs.

Before You Start

Before you set up your catalog, we recommend these guidelines:

If you're using Catalog Manager as part of your application, you may be affected by a couple of security-related breaking changes. See Breaking Changes, 1/30/2018, Catalog Permissions.

Recommended Steps

Note: This guide focuses on products and commerce. For other catalog types, see:

Next Steps

Once you have your catalog setup, you can connect your products to different places in Facebook to power product experiences:

  • Dynamic Ads - Feature products in different formats to be served dynamically as personalized ads.

  • Marketplace - Distribute products in Marketplace.

  • Collection Ads — Use them in immersive formats.

  • Instagram Shopping - Feature in Instagram Shopping experiences, such as product tags on Instagram and soon on Instagram Shops.

  • WhatsApp - Feature in conversational commerce in WhatsApp.