Assign Permissions to Business Users

Anyone who creates a folder automatically has full permissions to that folder. If anyone else wants to manage folder assets or view asset insights, the business admin can give them permission by sending a POST request to {business-creative-folder-id}/assigned_users. In this case, {permitted-task} is one or more of the following permissions: MANAGE_PERMISSIONS, MANAGE_CONTENT, CREATE_CONTENT, VIEW_CONTENT, or VIEW_INSIGHTS.

You need business_creative_management permission to perform this action:

curl -X POST \
  -F 'tasks=['{permitted_task}']' \
  -F 'user={app-scoped-business-user-id}' \
  -F 'access_token={access-token}' \<API_VERSION>/<BUSINESS_CREATIVE_FOLDER_ID>/assigned_users

The response:

{ "success": true }

Get Business Users

To list people who can access this folder, send a request to {business-id}/business_users. You need business_creative_management and business_management permissions for this action.

curl -i -X GET<API_VERSION>/<BUSINESS_ID>/business_users?access_token={access-token}

Get Business Creative Folder Users

To get a list of people who can manage a business creative folder, send a request to {business-creative-folder-id}/assigned_users?business={business-id}. In this case, {business-id} is your business ID. You need business_creative_management permission for this action.

curl -i -X GET<API_VERSION>/<BUSINESS_CREATIVE_FOLDER_ID>/assigned_users?business={business-id}&access_token={access-token=access-token)}