Instagram Accounts

A Business Manager can claim Instagram Accounts that belong to the business. This enables a business to easily manage Instagram accounts and ad accounts used for these Instagram accounts.

You cannot manage roles for Instagram accounts owned by a business. You can only run ads for Instagram accounts with access to the ad accounts linked to the Instagram accounts.

Claim Instagram Account

To claim an Instagram account for your business, you must use the Business Manager UI. See Instagram Ads Setup.

Manage Instagram Accounts

You can use the API to manage relationship between a business and an Instagram account. See Instagram Ads Setup. You can:

  • Assign a business as an agency of a business' Instagram account
  • Delete an agency from an Instagram account
  • See all Instagram accounts accessible by a given business, either owned or as agency
  • See all agency businesses of a given Instagram account

There are also APIs to manage the relationship between ad accounts and Instagram accounts. See Instagram Ads Setup.