Automotive Inventory Ads

Facebook’s automotive inventory ads leverage cross-device intent signals to automatically promote relevant vehicle from your inventory with unique creatives on Facebook.

To set up automotive inventory ads:

  1. Create your automotive catalog
  2. Set up automotive events on your website
  3. Build your audience
  4. Create and start your automotive inventory ads

Learn more about automotive inventory ads, Setup Guide.

To launch your catalog's vehicles on Marketplace, you need approval from the Facebook Support team. Contact your Facebook Partner Manager or with the catalog's ID.


Automotive inventory ads is a vertical solution for the automotive industry that includes a custom creative format, data models, and ads delivery optimization important for automotive clients.

We match the vehicle from your catalog with people whose activity on and off Facebook suggests they're interested. We determine which vehicle to display by evaluating intent signals of from people who are both on and off the Facebook apps and those who demonstrate similar characteristics.

  • You currently use ads to drive automotive sales.
  • You already use Facebook ads to drive sales and traffic from new customers with non-automotive inventory ads, and you want to improve performance of your ads, and automate your work so that more products from your catalog can be advertised.
  • You want an always-on solution that engages existing customers and grows your business by driving traffic and converting new customers.

Contact your Facebook representative to see samples.

You should optimize for automotive detail pages and cost per action that you Facebook pixel measures. Compare this against website conversion ads and/or if you're currently using automotive inventory ads, compare with those campaigns.