Get Started

This guide explains how to successfully set up your catalog for automotive ads.

Before You Start

To create automotive ads, you need a Facebook Page and an ad account.

To launch your catalog's vehicles on Marketplace, you need approval from the Facebook Support team. Contact your Facebook Partner Manager or with the catalog's ID.

Step 1: Create your automotive catalog

To create an automotive catalog, you should connect a data feed or upload data to Facebook. The data should contain all the required fields for the vehicles that you want advertise, which are listed in the Reference.

Step 2: Set up automotive events on your website

Automotive ads uses standard and required events, and every event has a set of parameters. You can use the Facebook Pixel on your website and mobile app events in your Android app and iOS app.

Step 3: Build your automotive audience

To successfully build and manage your audience, you can:

Step 4: Create and start your automotive ads

This step assumes you have a catalog and product set ready, and have set up the required vehicle events on your website or in your mobile app. If not, see catalog setup and event setup.