Targeting Expansion

Enable Facebook to expand detailed targeting when this increases results at a lower cost per result. Targeting expansion does not create lookalike audiences. Expanding detailed targeting does not change your targeting specifications for location, demographic targeting, such as age or gender, or exclusions.

Note that campaigns with supported objectives are not enabled by default.

  • To opt in, set the targeting_optimization parameter to expansion_all.
  • To opt out, set targeting_optimization parameter to none.

If you use the targeting_optimization parameter for an unsupported objective, you will see an error.

Supported objectives are:

  • Web Conversion
  • App Installs
  • Lead Generation
  • Link Click
  • Post Engagement

For example:

curl \
  -F "name=relaxation null test" \
  -F "promoted_object={'application_id': '<APP_ID>', 'object_store_url':   ''}" \
  -F "is_autobid=true" \
  -F "daily_budget=100" \
  -F "billing_event=IMPRESSIONS" \
  -F "campaign_id=<CAMPAIGN_ID>" \
  -F "access_token=XXX" \
  -F "targeting={'geo_locations': {'countries': ['US', 'GB']}, 'user_os': ['iOS'],   'user_device': ['iPad', 'iPhone', 'iPod'], 'targeting_optimization': 'expansion_all'}" \<VERSION>/act_XXX/adsets