Ad Set, Destination Type

This guide describes the type of destination an ad links to; in other words, where someone goes when they click an ad or Call to Action (CTA) in an ad and how it provides a single destination type for all ads in an ad set. Ads in this ad set only contain different types of ad creative and do not provide unique destination types.

Your chosen destination type must be consistent with your objective and optimization goal.

Possible Destination Types

The destination type is optional. We validate this to check if you selected a setting compatible with your chosen objective and optimization goal. See Campaign, Objective Validation.

Destination TypeRequirements


No defined destination type. Returned only in read mode if you create an ad set prior to v2.11 or if you have objectives that do not appear in the table of objectives below.


All ads in ad set must have ad creative with at least one valid, external URL.


Ads in this ad set must provide an app ID in promoted object. Destination is either the app installed on someone's phone or in the app store if not installed.


All ads in this ad set must have ad creative with Messenger as a destination.


Used with dynamic ads. An ad set's promoted object must have a product_set_id. Facebook determines the destination which displays based on the applink specified in the ad's creative.


Used with dynamic ads. The catalog being promoted needs to support the On-Facebook Dynamic Ads ads use case in Commerce Manager. All ads in this ad set must have ad creative with Marketplace as a destination. This is currently only available for the Vehicle vertical. Learn more


If you are using v2.10 or earlier, these objectives are optional.

ObjectiveAvailable Destination Types









All Other Objectives

Defaults to UNDEFINED

Create an Ad Set for an on-Facebook traffic destination

Advertisers can drive traffic to on-Facebook listings as a destination for their product catalog sales campaigns, instead of external websites. These ads drive awareness of car inventory with multiple placement options. Learn more about Automotive Inventory Ads with an on-Facebook destination.

To create an ad set that leverages Automotive Inventory Ads with an on-Facebook destination, specify destination_type FACEBOOK in your ad set data:

-F 'destination_type="FACEBOOK"' \

If customizing placements, destination_type FACEBOOK supports:

  • publisher_platforms: facebook and instagram.
  • facebook_positions: feed, marketplace, instant_article, search, story, and right_hand_column.
  • instagram_positions: stream, explore, and story.

If you don’t specify destination_type, your ads’ default destination is the website URL specified in your catalog.