Set Up Your Parent Business Manager

To set up your parent Business Manager, you need to determine which Business Manager will be your designated parent Business Manager.

This parent Business Manager:

  • Creates children Business Managers
  • Must own the application making the API calls

Open a Line of Credit with Facebook

The parent Business Manager is responsible for paying for any child Business Manager activity. Contact your Facebook representative and open a line of credit (LOC) within that Business Manager if one doesn’t already exist. The LOC will display as a payment method in Business Manager.

If your parent Business Manager doesn’t have a LOC, we won’t have a way to pay for your child Business Managers ad activity.

Once you have a credit line set up in Business Manager, you need to mark that as shareable so that your child Business Managers can access it.

Create an Admin System User

System users represent servers or software making API calls to assets owned or managed by a Business Manager.

If an Admin system user does not already exist, create one on the parent Business Manager to programmatically manage assets and ads:

  1. Go to Business Settings > System Users > +Add.
  2. Once you have an Admin system user, generate a long-lived access token with ads_management and business_management permissions. Store it for later use.
  3. Click the user > Generate New Token .

Grant "Finance Editor" Role to the System User

Granting the Finance Editor role to the system user allows the system user to share the proper payment method to the child BM:

  1. From your Business Manager, go to Settings > System Users > select your user.
  2. Next to the Admin system usern's name, click Edit.
  3. Under Finance Role, select Finance Editor.
  4. Click Update System User.

Learn More

Learn more about Business Manager System User and About Your Business Settings in Business Manager, Ads Help Center to create a system user in the Business Manager tool.