Preparing for Free Basics Submission

A step-by-step guide to preparing and submitting your service.

Before You Submit

Don't rely on JavaScript.


Build your service to be mobile compatible.


Optimize for feature phones.


Best Practices

Build Lightweight Experiences

To be compatible with the Free Basics Platform your service can't contain data intensive product experiences, such as streaming video, high resolution images and GIFs, videos, client or browser side caching or file and audio transfer services. We encourage compressing content whenever possible. People accessing your service may be in network-constrained areas, where lightweight mobile experiences will run more optimally.

Follow Technical Guidelines

Make sure your site meets the Technical Guidelines. We encourage you to have the appropriate fallback options for unsupported components. Make sure your service is mobile compatible across various mobile browsers by testing your service with a mobile emulator.


To ensure optimal engagement and adoption, please consider localizing your site by:

  • Making sure the language experience is consistent with the locale selected.
  • Removing any redirects away from a person's selected language.
  • Including multiple language selection when appropriate.

Optimize for New Internet Users

Optimizing your site for new internet users will allow your service to be a friendly new experience. Please consider the following while developing for this audience:

  • Reduce friction in accessing your content. For example, offer access to as much of your service as possible before requiring people to enter a login or sign-up flow. Provide access to as much free content as possible before introducing paid or premium parts of your service.

  • Suppress homepage redirects to app stores. This could confuse new internet users, who may not be familiar with app or app store concepts.

  • Provide an 'About Us' or new user education landing page. A landing page will help introduce new users to the service your site provides. If possible, use this content to help new users navigate your site.

Understanding Technical Guidelines

Below are the technical guidelines we'll check for during review. Understanding these guidelines will help you build a service that will function properly on the Free Basics Platform and will help you prepare a successful submission for review.

Mobile Compatibility

The review process will make sure your service is compatible with feature phones. You can prepare your service for review by building your site to be mobile compatible and optimizing for feature phones, and by testing your service with a mobile emulator to make sure your service loads in a mobile friendly format for most mobile browsers.

JavaScript Dependency

To be fully compatible in all Free Basics environments, your service must be able to function normally in the absence of JavaScript. Each component of your service will be reviewed to ensure it functions with JavaScript disabled. For example, we'll check for JavaScript dependent ads or ad scrollers, search boxes, and menu lists.

You can prepare for review by building a site that is not JavaScript reliant and by including graceful fallback options where appropriate. Your service needs to have clear navigation that functions properly with JavaScript disabled. Make sure all menu options and search functionality operates properly with JavaScript disabled and is optimized for feature phones. For examples of service features built in an optimized environment, please see our Showcase Examples document.

Check all internal links in your site to make sure they load and are optimized for feature phones.

Visual Interface Functionality

Your service may not rely on SVG images as these may not function on the Free Basics Platform. If you have SVG images present, please make sure that they can fall back to PNG, GIF, or JPEG. If your service makes use of WOFF webfonts, ensure that the appearance of your site is acceptable if these files are suppressed.

We may inquire about white spaces and missing content, as these may be caused by components that are incompatible with these technical guidelines.

Data Efficiency

Services on Free Basics need to use data efficiently. For example, we don't support video files, VoIP, file transfers, and high resolution photos (which will be truncated if larger than 1 MB). You can help your service pass this stage of review by limiting your service's bandwidth usage.

Prepare Your Submission

Step 1: Provide Your Personal Information

Provide your full name, the email address connected to your Facebook account, a contact number we can reach you at, the name of the business connected to the service you're submitting for review and the country in which your business is based.

Step 2: Enter Basic Service Details

Enter the name of your site and provide a brief and accurate description of the service you're offering. Submit your description in your service's primary language. Start with an action word and provide a simple description of what your service allows people to do. For example, 'Get sports updates' or 'Read news about the Philippines.' Limit your description to 35 characters or less. Describe how it works and what makes it unique. Use standard spelling, grammar and capitalization; don't use symbols, abbreviations, or numbers.

Select the category that best describes your service. You can find a list of Service Categories here.

Step 3: Define Your Primary Languages and Locales

Define the primary languages and locales your site will support, as well as the country in which you would like your service to be available.

Step 4 (Optional): Define Additional Languages and Locales

If your service is available in more than one country or language, please list these now. Include all additional mobile sites for all country or language specific URLs you have.

Start Your Submission

If you're ready to submit, head to the submission form to get started, or use the button below.

Start a Submission

What to Expect

Due to the large volume of requests we are currently receiving, it may take 8 to 10 weeks to receive a response from a member of the team.

Reviews are completed in the order they are submitted and received. You'll receive a notification if your website is compatible. You may receive an additional notification if your website requires revisions to become technically compatible.

Please remember that Free Basics is only available in select countries.