Free Basics

What is Free Basics?

Free Basics is a service that allows people to access a range of basic internet services for free. By providing people with access to these services for free, Free Basics addresses three barriers that prevent people from coming online: affordability, access, and awareness.

How is Free Basics different from is Facebook's initiative that aims to connect the 2/3 of the world that is not yet connected to the internet. Free Basics is one program within that aims to connect the more than 90% of the world that lives within areas of existing cellular coverage through the Free Basics app or website.

Can anyone add their service to Free Basics?

Yes - Free Basics is an open platform. Anyone can submit a website to the platform. As long as the website meets the technical and participation guidelines, you can add your website to Free Basics.

How do I use Free Basics?

To use Free Basics, you must have a SIM card from one of the mobile operator partners in participating countries.

Where can I get Free Basics?

See where Free Basics is available here.

Free Basics Platform

What is the Free Basics Platform?

The Free Basics Platform allows anyone with a service, including developers, non-profits, and governments to add their services to Free Basics and reach the next wave of people coming online. Learn more about the Free Basics Platform here.

Why would I want to add my service to Free Basics?

By adding your website to Free Basics, you can grow your audience by providing affordable access to your services, scale the social impact you're already creating, and establish your brand early in emerging markets.

I'm a part of a non-profit organization, and we don't have the technical capability to submit to the Free Basics Platform. Can you help us submit to the Free Basics Platform?

The Praekelt Foundation Incubator for Free Basics is committed to helping 100 organizations build a website that is compatible with Free Basics. Learn more about the program here. For more information about non-profits on Free Basics, visit our website.

I want to add my website to Free Basics. How can I get started?

You can read the guide on getting started here.

Can I submit a mobile app to Free Basics?

Because we are optimizing for lower end phones on slower connections, you would need to modify your mobile app into a service that's compatible with the Free Basics Platform. You can learn more here.

How can I test my site to see if it is compliant with the Free Basics Platform?

Before you submit your website for consideration, you should test it through all of the technical guidelines. After making sure your website is compatible, you can find resources that can help provide you with real-time feedback on your readiness here.

I was told that my submission was not approved. How do I fix this?

For more information about your submission feedback, visit this site.

I submitted my website to the Free Basics Platform. What's next?

Due to the large volume of requests we are currently receiving, it may take 8 to 10 weeks to receive a response from a member of the Free Basics team. Reviews are completed in the order they are submitted and received. You'll receive a notification if your website is compatible. You may receive an additional notification if your website requires revisions to become technically compatible.

Will I able to track the performance of my site on Free basics?

Yes, once you join the platform, you will be able to access a portal that tracks metrics for your site on Free Basics.

Does Facebook take ownership of Free Basics Platform content, or take the right to use it in any way it wants?

No. Content made available by participants through Free Basics Platform is owned and controlled by those participants. Facebook never takes ownership of any content made available by participants.

The license included in Facebook’s terms that applies to Free Basics Platform content serves a limited purpose: to the extent the content passes through Facebook servers, the license simply ensures that Facebook has whatever rights may be needed to proxy that content.

Do services included in Free Basics have to comply with Facebook's Community Standards?

No, we do not reject services on the basis of our Community Standards.