Free Basics Platform Examples

Showcase examples to help you build a mobile-friendly, compatible platform service.


  • 1doc3's homepage presents the purpose of the site in a clear and organized way.
  • Reduced links and advertisements allow for a clear and easily navigable landing page and service.
  • The service's search bar and 1doc3 icon is hosted at the top of each page, allowing for easy navigation and access to content.

24 Symbols

  • 24 Symbols offers a simple menu that loads as a new mobile page, rather than using a drop-down or footer menu. The menu offers four easy-to-load options and the content in the menu is clear and concise.
  • The service's search result listings are clearly laid out.
  • The interface is clear and requires little navigation in order to access a wealth of content.
  • The service offers primarily unpaid content.

Malaria No More

  • Malaria No More provides easy navigation and clear menu options.
  • The service includes few advertisements, making the site easy to navigate.
  • Links are easy to find throughout.


  • MoneyMatters offers clear menu options with easy to navigate header and footer links.
  • Reduced advertisements and images allows for a clean interface that is easy to navigate.
  • The service's search functionality is easy to use and results are organized in a straightforward way.

Social Blood

  • Social Blood's homepage offers a clear interface and provides all information and options needed to effectively utilize the service.
  • Language selection can be altered using a clear dropdown menu.
  • The top toolbar remains stationary when navigating to different pages, allowing for new searches or language changes at any time.


  • Clear menu option creates a seamless navigation experience.
  • Language selection dropdown is clear and easy to find, and provides easy localization options for the service's core content.
  • Navigation links in both the header and footer of each service page reduce the need for excessive scrolling.
  • Content lists and search results are well spaced and easy to read and navigate.


  • UNICEF's service provides a clear menu option that is listed at both the top and bottom of each page, reducing the need for scrolling when navigating to new content.
  • Relevant content is surfaced immediately after selecting a link or menu option; no scrolling past excessive images or ads is required to access selected content. By reducing advertisements the service provides a clear interface that requires little scrolling or navigation to access content.
  • The service is well-localized, offering the full site's content in several local languages for each country in which they're listed.


  • Wattpad offers several language options and provides a dropdown selector at the bottom of the service's pages allowing for language selection while inside the service. All content translates consistently when new languages are selected.
  • The service offers access to books and self-published stories that are easily navigable through a simple, clear interface.