WordPress Plugin Setup

If you own a site or blog powered by WordPress, you can easily start creating Instant Articles by using the Instant Articles plugin for WordPress. This is the easiest way to create Instant Article and requires no experience with HTML.

What You’ll Need


1. Download

Download and install the Instant Articles for WP plugin.

2. Log In with Your Facebook Developers App

Connect the plugin to Facebook using a Facebook Developers App ID. From your WordPress CMS, click on Instant Articles in the left nav bar and then input your App ID and App Secret in step 1. Don't have an App ID or App Secret? Learn how to create one.

3. Log In with Your Facebook Account

After you've input your App Id and App Secret, click Login with Facebook to connect your Facebook account to WordPress.

4. Customize Your Style

You’ll need to upload a logo and design your articles before submitting for our one-time review. To access the style editor, go to Publishing Tools at the top of your Page, select Configuration under Instant Articles and scroll down to Styles.

Look over our Design Guidelines and then preview your articles using the Pages Manager app before submitting. Download it for iOS or Android.

5. Submit for Review

In order to begin publishing Instant Articles, our team needs to review a sample batch of 5 of your Instant Articles. Review can take up to 2 business days.

Learn more about article review.

6. Start Sharing

Once your Instant Articles feed has been approved, you’ll be ready to go.

Distribute your Instant Articles as you would with any link: Just compose a new post, include the article link and share! Instant Articles are never posted to your page automatically.

Get Your App ID and App Secret

1. Create a Facebook Developers App

If you already have an app linked to your site, skip to Step 7. If not, select the + Add a New App green button in the upper right of the Developers App page.

2. Select Basic Setup

3. Input Your Information

Follow the instructions in the popup window. Create an app name, input your email and select Apps for Pages in the category dropdown. Click Create App ID when you’re ready.

4. Select Settings

Click on Settings in the left nav bar.

5. Add a Platform

Click +Add Platform at the bottom of the page and select Website.

6. Input Your Site’s URL

Under both Site URL and App Domains, enter your URL. Click Save Changes in the lower right corner.

7. Copy Your App ID and App Secret

Select Show to see your App Secret. You’ll need to enter this information back in the Instant Articles for WP plugin.

Next Steps

  1. Follow Our Blog. Sign up for notifications to learn about Instant Articles news and updates.
  2. Monetize Your Instant Articles. Use your own direct sold ads or Audience Network (or both).
  3. Add Interactive Design Features. Delight your readers with Instant Articles’ unique features.
  4. Use Analytics in Instant Articles. Learn how to embed your own or third-party trackers.
  5. Troubleshoot Any Issues.