Testing Your Integration

Prior to going live with your Subscriptions integration, you should ensure that:

During your integration (after you submitted your page for review), the behaviour of Instant Articles will temporarily adjust to accommodate your active development, based on the content tier being applied.

Content Tier Behaviour


Available as an Instant Article to everyone

Metered or Locked

Only Page admins will view metered or locked content as Instant Articles. Everyone else will be shown mobile web versions until your integration is live

As such, we recommend only specifying Locked or Metered content tiering for a small subset of your Instant Articles for testing purposes during integration.

Content tiering only works on your production Instant Article feed, so testing your integration should be done there, and not on the development feed.

Testing the Account Linking Flows

The app must be live before testing the paywall implementation. If not, the developer could see unexpected behavior. For example, when the user clicks in an IA that should redirect to mWeb to show the paywall, the link won't work if the app is in development mode.

When sending an account-linking pixel event, ensure that you receive a 2xx response code and that no errors are returned from the request.

With a Business Manager account, you can check that Pixel events are being sent and received correctly using Events Manager for the appropriate pixel.

You can view your current user subscription status and reset all subscriptions from your Page, under Publishing Tools -> Subscriptions -> Developer Tools.

You should also check your account linking flows end to end on device, and that logging in or purchasing a subscription unlocks access to the paywalled Instant Article.