As part of Subscriptions in Instant Articles, you will need to configure the functionality, behaviour and content of your paywall and offers. This includes:

  • Setting monthly meter limit
  • The redirect between the Instant Articles paywall and your website
  • Providing appropriate assets and content for the rendering of the paywall
  • Creating at least one subscription offer with content and pricing

Monthly Meter Limit Setup

Metering limit setup can be done in Publishing ToolsInstant ArticlesSubscriptionsConfiguration. Publisher needs to identify the type of their content tiering they are going to use. Currently, we support 3 publisher types:

  • Metered: Publishes free and metered articles.
  • Freemium: Publishes free and locked articles.
  • Hybrid: A combination of the above.

For Metered and Hybrid publishers, they will need to set their monthly meter limit, the maximum number of metered article that non-subscribers can read within a month. (Maximum of 30 articles)

Paywall Redirection Setup

For Instant Articles Subscriptions, publishers control their own payment and authentication as well as their relationship with subscribers. Whenever a user decides to purchase a subscription or log to access an existing subscription, they do so on a publisher's website.

Android Devices

A native paywall will be rendered within the Instant Article for locked and metered articles where appropriate. Two different URLs will need to be provided:

  • For new subscribers, the Subscribe Offer URLs determine where a user will be redirected when deciding to purchase a subscription (see "Offer Management")
  • For existing subscribers, the "Login Url" should take users to the log-in form on your website

You must provide https URLs for Subscribe Offer and Login URLs.

iOS Devices

Unlike on Android, iOS devices do not use the native paywall. Instead, users are redirected to the mobile web version of the locked or metered article, with an extra URL parameter e.g. surface=locked_article added to the URL to inform your website that a paywall needs to be displayed.

You can display a paywall inline on the article itself, or redirect the user to a specific paywall page or the start of your payment and authentication flows when you detect the surface parameter.

Surface Query Parameter Values



The user has depleted their free articles for the month and the article redirected to should be paywalled


The user has reached an article that has been content tiered as locked and should be paywalled


The user has clicked on a subscribe button from the logo bar of an Instant Article


The user has clicked on a Subscribe CTA button

Content and Assets

The look and feel of the native paywall and other Subscribe CTAs can be configured from your Page under Publishing ToolsSubscriptionsAsset Management. Below is a sample paywall with all available assets configured:

(Please see the "Offers" section for more detail on offers)

The fields available in asset management are detailed below.

Section 1: General

  • Paywall Headline: The main title of the Paywall
  • Offer Headline: The title we show in the offer sheet when it is opened from a different surface rather than paywall. For example: publisher bar button. If no offer headline is set, we will show the paywall headline instead
  • Existing Subscriber Text: Text label for the link that directs already subscribed readers to log in (Default value: 'Already a Subscriber?')
  • Login URL: The https URL for the login form on the publisher website
  • CTA Hex Color: This color is used for button backgrounds and accent text. It should be a darker color that contrasts well with white, and a color featured in the publisher's logo or branding
  • Color Logo: The main logo used for native paywall and CTA units
  • Square Logo: Similar to the main logo, used in CTA units that require a square aspect ratio. You must provide a square logo even if your color logo is already a square - the same image file can be reused.

Section 2: Brand Identity Carousel

You can add up to five brand values to promote to your readers.

  • Value Props Headline: Short phrase describing a value proposition of your subscription (up to 50 characters)
  • Value Props Body: The full text copy for the value proposition displayed below the headline (up to 250 characters)
  • Value Props Image: An image used together with your value proposition

An optional image displayed above the headline can also be provided for each Value Prop (see Section 4: Manage Image Assets).

Section 3: Paywall Footer

You can add up to four links to external websites in the footer section of the paywall.

Section 4: Images Specifications

NameRequiredMinimum dimensions (width x height)Aspect ratioFile typeNotes

Color Logo


690 x 144 px

1:1 up to 10:1

The main logo used for native paywall and CTA units

Square Logo


690 x 690 px


Similar to the main logo, used in CTA units that require a square aspect ratio. You must provide a square logo even if your color log is already a square - the same image file can be reused.

Value Prop 1 - 5


96 x 96 px



An image used together with your value proposition

Offer Management

Each subscription product you provide to readers should map to an offer. These are displayed on the Instant Articles Native Paywall, as well as in subscription upsells and other CTA units within Instant Articles. If multiple offers are configured, these will be displayed in succession on the native paywall, while the subscribe CTA units will only display the best offer, which means that we will show the most popular offer or the limited time offer if we find one.

To create, edit and manage offers, head to Publishing ToolsSubscriptionsOffer Management. You will need to add at least one offer to complete your Instant Articles Subscription setup.

To begin, press the "Add Offer" button.

This will display the Offer Management form:

Offer Management Fields




The main heading text for your offer

Subscribe Offer URL


Where the native paywall will redirect readers to on your website when they decide to purchase a particular subscription offer. This URL must be a HTTPS URL

Teaser (Price)


The main price or text copy for this offer

Renew Price


Smaller copy displayed below the Teaser (Price), usually to indicate the price to renew.

Special Title


Displays at the top of the Offer section above the Title, as a way to highlight this particular offer

Sales Point 1 - 5


Up to five sales points can be used to provide more information about what an offer includes and the benefits that subscribing with this offer provides

You can either set an offer to run indefinitely, or specify offer's start and end time if you want the offer to be a limited time offer.

Offers can be deactivated, reactivated or deleted on the main Offer Management screen by using the relevant buttons and saving your changes.

You must have at least one active non-limited time offer at any point in time.