Pullquotes can be used to highlight key points or phrases found within the body text of an Instant Article.

Pullquotes are specified using the standard HTML <aside> element. To define a pullquote in an Instant Article, wrap the text content inside the <aside> element and include it at the desired place within the body of the article.


Name Description Definition


Attribution to the originator or creator of the content in this blockquote.

Use the first <cite> element in the <aside> element. The <cite> element can have the standard text annotation classes to control how they are displayed.

Text [required]

The text content of your pullquote.

Wrap the text content within the <aside> tags, but outside of the <cite> element.


Basic pullquote

A pullquote can be added to your Instant Article by using the <aside> element within the body of your article's content.

  Something <em>important</em> 

Pullquote with attribution

To add attribution to a pullquote in your article, use the <cite> element to define the source of the quote.

  We can be more efficient about where we grow, what we grow, and how we grow.
  <cite>Fruit Store Company</cite>