To override your feedback settings and disable (or enable) Likes, Comments and Shares on individual articles or media items, you can use the code samples below. Your feedback settings in Publishing Tools will stay the same for future Instant Articles, but this code can modify any individual article.

To change your default feedback settings, go to the Publishing Tools section of your Facebook Page Configuration under Instant Articles, then scroll down to Feedback Settings.

Feedback is not supported on embeds or the article's cover media.


Name Description Definition

Asset-level Feedback

Available feedback options for individual media assets (photos, videos, slideshows, maps and GIFs).

Add one or more of the following values to the data-feedback attribute on the <figure> element:

  • fb:likes: enables readers to like and share this element
  • fb:comments: enables readers to leave comments on this element
  • fb:none: disables the ability to like, share, or comment on this element

Article-level Feedback

Available feedback options for individual articles.

Add content="enable" or content="disable" to the <meta> tag in the article's <head> to control the ability to comment on and like individual articles.


Article-Level Feedback

If you'd like to override your settings and disable (or enable) comments on specific articles, insert the element below in the <head> tag.

Note: This only applies to likes and comments at the bottom of the article. The share feature is permanent.

To opt-out of article-level likes and comments for individual articles:

    <meta property="fb:likes_and_comments" content="disable">

To opt-in to article-level likes and comments for individual articles:

    <meta property="fb:likes_and_comments" content="enable">

Asset-level Feedback

Override your settings for all individual assets (images, videos, slideshows, GIFs and maps) and customize feedback for specific media items by using the code below in your <figure> tag.

To enable likes, comments and shares on an asset:

<figure data-feedback="fb:likes fb:comments">
    <img src="http://some/image/url.jpg">

To enable likes and shares on an asset but disable comments:

<figure data-feedback="fb:likes">
    <img src="http://some/image/url.jpg">

To disable all feedback settings on an asset:

<figure data-feedback="fb:none">
    <img src="http://some/image/url.jpg">