Audience Network in Instant Articles

In addition to serving ads that have been sold directly by your team, you can also incorporate ads from Audience Network into your Instant Articles.

Display Ads

Enabling Audience Network Ads

After you signed up and completed the onboarding process to Instant Articles through Creator Studio, an ad placement gets created and assigned to your page. To integrate Audience Network ads within your Instant Articles, you can get the Placement ID by going to Creator Studio > Monetization > Instant Articles > Settings and clicking on your page name. Once you are set up, don’t forget to input your payout account in Creator Studio.

To embed Audience Network ad tags in your article, use the op-ad class. These ads are served within a webview when they scroll into the reader’s view.

In the following example, you would simply replace PLACEMENT_ID with the placement ID you generated from the Creator Studio > Monetization > Instant Articles > Settings.

Audience Network Ad tag Sample

<figure class="op-ad">
  <iframe width="300" height="250" style="border:0; margin:0;" src=""></iframe>

Auto Placing Audience Network Ads

Auto placing your ads maximizes the amount of ads displayed per article. There are two steps to enable this feature with Audience Network ads:

  1. Include the following <meta> element in your articles <head> section:
    <meta property="fb:use_automatic_ad_placement" content="enable=true ad_density=default">
    You can change the ad density to control the UX, here are the three options currently available:
    • default (<250 word gap which offers high ad density)
    • medium (350 word gap which offers medium ad density)
    • low (>450 word gap which offers low ad density)
  2. Place your Audience Network tag with the new placement id into the <header> element of your article. This will place the same ad tag into each slot available for each article (aggregated Audience Network reporting on one placement id).

  3. To ensure that the ad gap is appropriate you can learn how to preview your articles here.

Audience Network Recirculation Ads

You can also place Audience Network within the recirculation units at the bottom of your Instant Article. These ads are likely relevant to readers who want to continue their consumption experience after reading one article.

Learn how to manage recirculation units.