Instant Articles Spotlight Series

Facebook, the Instant Articles team and Audience Network are committed to helping you build value for your publishing business by getting the most out of Instant Articles.

A series of five webinars will take you through the most critical aspects of Instant Articles, including monetization, analytics and interactive design features not found on any other platform.

WordPress Plugin Tutorial

Using Instant Articles doesn't require an overhaul of your business' workflow thanks to the addition of the WordPress Plugin. Discover how easy it is to get started with Instant Articles using the WordPress Plugin, as well as how to migrate your existing Instant Articles workflow to the plugin.

Tracking Performance of Your Instant Articles

Discover the many ways your business can track the performance of your Instant Articles, including how to use the Instant Articles Dashboard, the Instant Articles Insights API and popular third party tracking services.

Monetizing Your Instant Articles

Building value is a holistic process, but it begins with revenue. Learn how to monetize your direct-sold inventory, use Audience Network to target ads with Facebook's help and incorporate Branded Content into your overall strategy.

Formatting Your Instant Articles

Instant Articles is designed to be flexible enough to support the vast majority of content types found online, but implementing all of an article's elements successfully in Instant Articles can be difficult. Let us take you through the basics of Instant Articles formatting, so that you never risk broken code again.

Immersive Storytelling with Instant Articles

At its core, Instant Articles is a vehicle for deeper engagement with readers. Learn how to implement the latest design innovations for Instant Articles to create the most absorbing content possible.